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Selasa, 30 Juni 2015

Command Prompt

Today I will write Tutorial On, How to restore the data that is hidden / lost in the media and flash storage, memory, hard drive
I use CMD Command Prompt (Windows),

Question ??
  1. Why do I menggukan CMD Command Prompt (Windows)?
  2. Why Not To Use Tool Other applications?
  1. If Using CMD Command Prompt (Windows), Data That We Find In Storage Media, flash, memory, hard drive, 100% Secure Data We Will Not Damage,
  2. If the Tool Applications Using existing data in storage media such as hard drive, flash drive, Memory success of only 40%, you menggukan Moreover Tool / Applications / Software Free.
More Information Please Watch his video.

How to write good posts, SEO "Search Engine Optimization"

SEO blogger posts
For this time I will write a tutorial,,, How to write good posts, the term SEO blogger posts,: Search Engine Optimization " The reason why we write articles in katagory SEO "Search Engine Optimization". In general, all writers blog / website wants his site SEO "Search Engine Optimization" To be able to get google pagerank no 1.

Wooow Who wants that ngak Blog / Websitenya enter 1,2,3,4,5,6 and other pagerank.
SEO "Search Engine Optimization" In Auto google will provide the most Visitor create a blog / website. Treat when bloggers us a lot of visitors, definitely happy bangetkan. Consider this in the form of video, "Sorry that can not be language in the show in video Please Peratikan Motion Cursor Only.